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Veterinary Emergency Emergency Room

Why choose La Trinità for your veterinary emergencies

24/7 emergency veterinary medicine

  • Open 24 hours a day: We are always available, day or night, to provide immediate assistance. 
  • Care for all pets: Our team is prepared for the immediate care and attention of our little animal friends. 
  • Advanced technology: We have cutting-edge machinery for quick and accurate diagnoses. 
  • Qualified Professionals: Each veterinarian on call at La Trinità is highly qualified and ready to assist your pet with the utmost care and professionalism.

In times of concern for your pet's health, contact La Trinità. Our mission is to provide a veterinary emergency room of excellence, because the health and well-being of your animals are our priority. Contact us at any time: we are the support your pet deserves. 


Comprehensive and preventive veterinary medicine, 360º attentionall in one structure.

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Sterilization and Neutering

Your Point of Reference for Every Veterinary Emergency

Urgency has no timetable

When the your friend animal needs immediate attention, know you have a Veterinary emergency room reliable available can make the difference.

At La Trinità we know the importance of reacting promptly in emergencies. That's why ours Veterinary hospital it is operational 24 hours on 24, every day, to guarantee immediate veterinary assistance. 

Picket Veterinarian: We are always present at the hospital 24 hours a day

Our team of vets on call And prepared in assistance dthey Pets, ensuring a professional and effective response in every critical situation.

Whether it is a simple concern or a real emergency, will have always available vet on duty today and at any time that you need it. 

Night Veterinary Service: Your Peace of Mind

We know that emergencies know no time. For this reason, ours night veterinary service it is designed to offerAnd peace of mind knowing that, at any time of the night, your animal is monitored and controlled in the shelter by our veterinarians andd nurses.

Our dedication is to be the your vet on callready to intervene with competence and care. 

Night veterinary service: your peace of mind