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First 1.5 Tesla MRI device for VETERINARY USE in Ticino

Published on March 16, 2023


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The Veterinary Hospital for Small Animals La Trinità

Dear readers and animal lovers, here we are finally here to start our newsletters.
These short news will give you the opportunity to follow the development of “La Trinità” accompanying the hospital until its opening. With fortnightly deadlines you will be aware of the most significant steps that will lead to the complete realization of the project.

Preview of the machinery First 1.5 Tesla MRI device for VETERINARY USE in Ticino; 32-layer CT device for VETERINARY USE.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging

MRI can be used in many fields. In the neurological, orthopedic, cardiological and gastroenterological fields. The use of MRI for cardiological and gastroenterological pathologies is made possible only by high magnetic field equipment, which allows complete examinations to be performed in a short time, with image sequences that overcome the problems of involuntary movements, such as the heartbeat or respiratory activity. The “La Trinità” veterinary hospital currently has the latest generation 1.5 Tesla high-field MRI equipment, which allows any body area to be examined in a short time and with high anatomical detail.

Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography (CT), better known by the old term CT, has allowed veterinary medicine to make an enormous step forward in the diagnosis and treatment planning of numerous pathologies, especially in the oncology field, “La Trinità” has a multi-layer CT equipment ( 32) which allows you to examine the patient's entire body in a few minutes with enormous detail.

Our Vision … The Veterinary Hospital for small animals La Trinità

We love animals very much and want to offer the best tools to quickly determine diagnoses in the event of illness and/or injury. It was necessary to make magnetic resonance imaging available to pets in the Canton of Ticino.

The mission

Save as many lives as possible by fighting against every form of pathology, neglect, indifference, negligence, mistreatment, abuse and exploitation.

For La Trinità

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