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Alessandro Rottoli The trinity

HEALTH DIRECTOR - Mat *7601003540703

Alessandro Rottoli

Head of Oncology / Surgery

Veterinarian member of the specialist Society of Italian Veterinary Oncology (SIONCOV).
Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the State University of Milan, Italy in 2008.
II level Master in Diagnostic imaging of dogs and cats at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Camerino (MC), Italy in 2013.

Pet parent of a dog named Zelda.

Dr. Alexander Rottoli: Expert Veterinarian at the La Trinità Veterinary Hospital

The Dr. Alexander Rottoli is a highly experienced veterinarian who practices his profession at the La Trinità Veterinary Hospital, a facility renowned for its quality and expertise in the veterinary sector in Lugano, Switzerland. With a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Milan, Dr. Rottoli has accumulated extensive experience in the treatment and care of companion animals over the years.

Veterinary Services at La Trinità Veterinary Hospital

La Trinità Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services to meet the needs of our companion animals and their owners. Among the services offered are:

1. Preventive Medicine

Our facility promotes the health and well-being of animals through routine exams, vaccinations, and nutritional consultations. We are committed to preventing disease and keeping animals healthy in the long term.

2. Advanced Diagnostics

Using cutting-edge technologies, such as digital x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests, Dr. Rottoli is able to accurately diagnose a wide range of medical conditions to ensure the best possible treatment for our patients.

3. Surgery

Our facility is equipped to perform elective and more complex surgeries as well as emergency surgical assistance.

4. Veterinary Dentistry

We offer comprehensive dentistry services to maintain the dental health of our patients, including professional dental cleanings, extractions and gum disease treatments.

5. Emergencies and First Aid

Our team is available to assist with veterinary emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to provide immediate, life-saving care when you need it.

Experience and Commitment

The Dr. Alexander Rottoli, as Medical Director is committed to providing high quality supervision and care to every animal that passes through the doors of the La Trinità Veterinary Hospital by supporting and evaluating cases with the veterinarians of his Trinity Team. With his vast experience and dedication to the profession, Dr. Rottoli is a trusted resource for the community and a point of reference for those seeking excellent veterinary care.

Contact us today to book a visit and ensure the best possible treatment for your pet. We're here to help you keep your furry friends happy and healthy for life.