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Precise diagnoses and personalized treatments to address a wide range of skin problems in pets. 

Veterinary dermatology, animal skin health

Treatments and protocols will be tailored to each animal's individual needs.

  • Diagnosis of skin diseases and skin appendages (nails, hair and ears).
  • Targeted therapies for the treatment of dermatological pathologies.

Veterinary dermatology, animal skin health


Comprehensive and preventive veterinary medicine, 360º attentionall in one structure.

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Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure

The almost 2000m2 structure, the largest in southern Switzerland, has 5 examination rooms, 2 operating rooms, rooms with advanced imaging diagnostic equipment (CT, MRI), X-ray and ultrasound equipment, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and chemotherapy .  

La Trinità has a large separate waiting room for cats, NAC and dogs. Also an emergency room equipped to deal with the most complex and urgent cases.

Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure

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How can I know if my pet has dermatological problems?

Notice changes to your skin, such as redness, itching, hair loss, or bumps. If you notice any of these symptoms it is important to bring your pet for a veterinary dermatological evaluation.

Causes may include food allergies, environmental allergies, bacterial or fungal infections, parasites such as fleas, mites, insect bites, or autoimmune diseases. A veterinary dermatologist can perform tests to determine the specific cause.

Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. It may include medications, dietary changes, medicated baths, parasite control, and preventative measures. A veterinary dermatologist will develop a treatment plan tailored to your pet's needs.

Persistent itching can be caused by many reasons, from allergies to infections. Consult our veterinary dermatologist to perform tests and determine the cause. Specific medications or treatments may be prescribed based on the diagnosis.