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Hospitalization and Intensive Care

High-quality care and loving care to ensure your pet's health and well-being during hospitalization.

Personalized veterinary hospital stay

We know that your pet's hospitalization can be a difficult time, but our team is always available to care for hospitalized patients, providing them with personalized medical assistance.  

Personalized veterinary hospital


Comprehensive and preventive veterinary medicine, 360º attentionall in one structure.

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First Aid and Emergencies

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Rainbow Rooms


Sterilization and Neutering

Hospital rooms with specialized design

We have 3 hospitalization areas designed specifically for each species:

  • 28 boxes for small and large dogs, with an outdoor terrace.
  • 24 cat boxes, spacious enough to ensure maximum safety.
  • 15 boxes for NACs of different sizes, divided according to their characteristics to prevent any type of stress.

Hospital rooms with specialized design

Responsible Veterinary Doctor



How do I ensure my pet's comfort and safety during hospitalization?

We have facilities designed for patient comfort with quiet and welcoming areas. We implement measures to reduce stress and provide toys and blankets to make him feel at home.

Yes, we have safe outdoor areas where dogs can enjoy fresh air during the shelter period.

Recovery time varies depending on the surgery, but we will provide clear guidelines and monitor your pet closely for optimal recovery.

We have quiet spaces and use empathetic management techniques. We also provide structures that simulate hiding places, ensuring greater safety for your cat.

Yes, we offer toys and accessories to keep your cat stimulated and distracted during his stay.

We adapt the diet to your cat's individual needs, ensuring adequate nutrition.

We have controlled environments that adapt to the specific needs of each species, maintaining optimal environmental conditions.

Yes, we try to recreate familiar environments, providing hiding places and specific accessories for his well-being.

We adapt the diet according to the species, ensuring we provide adequate food and monitor its consumption.

Yes, certainly. You can visit your pet every day during scheduled visiting hours.

Your pet will never be alone, we have teams of veterinarians and assistants who work throughout the night. They monitor patients constantly and are attentive to any needs of the animal.