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Veterinary care specialized in infectious diseases.

Your pet in the hands of qualified professionals

Our veterinary team is highly trained in infectious diseases, experienced in diagnosis and in the treatment and management of cases.

We have specific areas and adequate equipment for the isolation of infected animals, so as to avoid the spread of pathogens.

Your pet, in the hands of qualified professionals


Comprehensive and preventive veterinary medicine, 360º attentionall in one structure.

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First Aid and Emergencies

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Rainbow Rooms


Sterilization and Neutering

Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure

The almost 2000m2 facility, the largest in southern Switzerland, has 7 examination rooms, 2 operating rooms, rooms with advanced imaging diagnostic equipment (CT, MRI), X-ray and ultrasound equipment, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and chemotherapy . 

Trinity offers a large waiting room separated for dogs, cats and NAC. It has an Emergency Room equipped to deal with the most complex and urgent cases.

Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure

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How do I manage my pet's hospitalization with an infectious disease?

Animals with infectious diseases are hospitalized in protected areas, following isolation protocols to prevent the spread of pathogens. Our veterinary team constantly monitors the animal and adapts treatment as needed.

Risks are minimized through rigorous bio-safety protocols. Our staff follows infection control measures to protect patients and prevent the transmission of pathogens between animals.

Depending on the situation there may be restrictions on visits to protect the health of all patients. Our staff will provide updated information on visiting restrictions during your stay.

Recovery time varies depending on the disease and the pet's individual response to treatment. Our team will regularly evaluate your treatment progress and provide detailed information on your estimated recovery time and benefits necessary subsequent care.