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Pain therapy

Medical procedure that supports the patient in the best management of pain.

Modern techniques of anesthesia and pain therapy

Our anesthetists control and monitor all parameters of the animal under anesthesia, carrying out pre-surgical exams and suitable protocols for the pathologies or any complications that may arise.

Monitoring during anesthesia is constant and multi-parametric.

Modern techniques of anesthesia and pain therapy


Comprehensive and preventive veterinary medicine, 360º attentionall in one structure.

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Sterilization and Neutering

Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure

The almost 2000m2 structure, the largest in southern Switzerland, has 5 examination rooms, 2 operating rooms, rooms with advanced imaging diagnostic equipment (CT, MRI), X-ray and ultrasound equipment, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and chemotherapy .  

La Trinità has a large separate waiting room for cats, NAC and dogs. Also an emergency room equipped to deal with the most complex and urgent cases.

Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure

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What are the risks associated with anesthesia in my pet?

Risks may vary based on the overall health of the animal and the type of procedure applied. However, veterinarians take measures to minimize risks and carefully monitor animals during anesthesia to ensure their safety.

The choice of type of anesthesia will depend on the need, health and age of the animal. Veterinarians select anesthetics suitable for each situation to ensure the safety and well-being of the animal.

Recovery time may vary depending on the animal and the type of anesthesia. In general, animals can retain the effects of anesthesia for a short time and veterinarians will provide guidelines for aftercare and monitoring.