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Shelter stations

Published on April 26, 2023


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Shelter stations

We are proud to present the hospitalization stations within the “La Trinità” small animal veterinary hospital. Designed to provide comfort and safety to hospitalized animals.

Shelter stations

We know that your pet's hospitalization can be a difficult time, but our highly qualified team is always available to take care of your four-legged friends, providing them with personalized, high-quality medical care. Our hospital rooms are designed respecting the highest quality standards and are equipped with:

  • Ventilation systems to keep the air fresh and clean at all times
  • LED lighting that provides the right personalized brightness for each patient
  • Comfortable and soft kennels to ensure the rest of hospitalized animals
  • Fresh water to ensure adequate hydration
  • Accessories such as toys and blankets to help reduce stress and anxiety for our patients


The “La Trinità” veterinary hospital is the only facility in the region that offers a complete assistance service for your and our animal friends.

Availability of spaces

Below we indicate the availability of spaces for our patients.

  • 14 boxes dedicated to small dogs, 7 for i large dogs with the possibility of dividing them into 14 boxes via a separation system. Total capacity of 28 seats
  • 24 boxes for i cats, spacious enough to guarantee maximum safety
  • 15 boxes for NAC (new pets) of different sizes, adapted to the needs of each species. Hospital rooms divided between predators and prey to prevent any type of stress.
  • 8 boxes for i infectious patients, separated between dogs and cats, to ensure maximum hygienic safety
  • 4 post-operative boxes for small animals and 2 for large animals. A total of 6 boxes with the possibility of dividing them further if necessary. Each hospitalization dedicated to dogs, cats, NAC and infectious patients is managed separately to ensure maximum safety and hygiene. The box doors are made of polycarbonate, a resistant and easy to clean material, which guarantees maximum hygiene and maximum comfort for hospitalized animals.

Cradles of intense care

We are happy to also present the cradle of intense care, designed to provide a safe and secure environment where patients can receive intensive and ongoing care. The cradle is equipped with special equipment to constantly monitor the patient's vital functions, such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and body temperature. Furthermore, the cradle is equipped with instruments to administer oxygen and fluids to the patient, as well as specific drugs and therapies for adequate treatment.


Our Vision … The Veterinary Hospital for small animals La Trinità

It will be equipped with 2 x-ray machines with a direct digital system with a particular software for veterinary orthopedics and 2 fixed ultrasound machines, one of which is equipped to carry out echocardiograms, and 1 portable one.

The mission

Save as many lives as possible by fighting against every form of pathology, neglect, indifference, negligence, mistreatment, abuse and exploitation.


For La Trinità

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