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Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure 

Everything your pet needs, addressed with the most modern technologies and in harmony with the environment.

Our structure

A Veterinary Hospital of almost 2000m2, conceived according to a pet-centered approach. An experience in which the animal and its needs come first.

Each room was built considering how to reduce the stress that a visit to the vet can cause to the animal, which is why we have developed a 360º service, all in a single structure, aiming for the highest standards of animal welfare.

The spaces are differentiated for dogs, cats and NAC, in order to improve comfort and experience during care.

We've thought of everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Of the facade covered by solar panels.
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Places for hospitalized animals.
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The building and its technology

The building technology has the ability to power basic heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems. 

Inside its structure are: an external air filtration system, geothermal heat pumps combined with a high-performance water well, solar panels that cover the entire building and produce electricity.

A generator which, in the event of an electrical fault, can keep the structure running for 7 days without the need for external energy.  

These technologies, combined with the structure's optimal insulation and triple-glazed windows, enable sustainability and energy efficiency to be achieved, ensuring a harmonious balance between innovative architecture and responsible care of our planet.