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The building and its technology

Published on April 5, 2023


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The building and its technology

The building was designed with the aim of producing as much energy as it consumes for heating, cooling, ventilation and basic lighting. The external air is filtered before being introduced into the building and a heat recovery stage is inserted into the ventilation system to avoid wasting energy.

Solar thermal

The hot and cold water will be produced with geothermal heat pumps, combined with a high-performance catchment well already built. Solar thermal collectors will be placed on the roof for the production of hot water. The roof and facades will be covered with custom-designed laminated glass sheets with the integration of monocrystalline photovoltaic cells for the production of electricity.

Thermoactive attic

These technologies, combined with optimal insulation of the casing and triple-glazed windows, will allow the set energy target to be achieved.


Our Vision … The Veterinary Hospital for small animals La Trinità

It will be equipped with 2 x-ray machines with a direct digital system with a particular software for veterinary orthopedics and 2 fixed ultrasound machines, one of which is equipped to carry out echocardiograms, and 1 portable one.

The mission

Save as many lives as possible by fighting against every form of pathology, neglect, indifference, negligence, mistreatment, abuse and exploitation.


For La Trinità

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