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About Us

A Veterinary Hospital designed by animal lovers.

Our history 

The La Trinità Veterinary Hospital, designed by animal lovers who throughout their lives have faced various needs related to the care, prevention and attention of their life companions.

We support both traditional and alternative veterinary medicine, with a strong focus on prevention.

The basis on which the Hospital is founded is the profound love and affection for animals in need of help. The mission of our team is to save as many lives as possible, fighting against all forms of pathology, abandonment, indifference, neglect, mistreatment, abuse and exploitation in general.

We work for a world where humans, animals, plants and the ecosystem live in harmony.

Clelia, Kelly &


Their dream

The Trinity was born from a family that loved Creation: fauna, flora and humanity. A part of humanity, the "dark" one, is destroying its own kind, the animal and plant worlds.

With La Trinità we wish, in our small way, to make a contribution, to be one of the many drops that we hope will form an ocean, aimed at helping animals, alongside which there are human beings who suffer for them.

By helping animals we also help the humans who love them.
Love, empathy, compassion (from the Latin cum patior - I suffer with) and professionalism wish to be the common thread, the leitmotif of our/your pet hospital.

Cutting-edge eco-sustainable structure

Everything your pet needs, addressed with the most modern technologies and in harmony with the environment.

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Of the facade covered by solar panels.

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Places for hospitalized animals.

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Our values

Commitment to animal welfare

We think of every detail to ensure that our patients receive excellent care, respecting their physical and emotional well-being. We offer a loving and safe environment for an enhanced veterinary experience.

Excellent veterinary medicine

With highly qualified professionals we offer the highest level of care, making use of precise diagnoses and cutting-edge treatments.


We are committed to reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices, ensuring a healthier environment for animals and future generations.

A veterinary experience designed to be as less stressful as possible

Your pet is the center of our attention.


We analyze each animal's situation, needs and requirements to provide specialized medical care.

360º Hospital

We offer all veterinary medicine services, both simple and more complex, all under one roof.

Our team

Work with us!

We combine the passion for veterinary medicine with empathy towards all living beings and the awareness of ethics and morality in caring for the world we live in.

Work with us!